There are many weather apps to choose from, but the average ones are bloated, confusing, and sometimes even annoying. Today Weather, named one of the Play Store's best apps of 2017, strips away all the clutter and provides a great deal of information in a clear, elegant way. And to entice you to check out their new and improved radar functionality, you can get Today Weather's Premium features for $2.49 for a limited time, a $2 discount.

If you aren't familiar with Today Weather, it's worth a closer look. It is free to download and use, with just a couple ads interspersed between data visualizations.

Underneath the lean interface is the potential for a fair amount of customization as well. While Today Weather strives to be non-intrusive, you can also request a sticky notification if you want it. By default, you get a once-daily notification about the day's forecast. You can change the time this happens or turn it off entirely, if you want. You can also be notified when there are severe weather alerts in the area or just incoming precipitation — both are off by default, but you can enable one or both of these types of notifications.

You also have options about the data provider. is the default, but Weather Underground, Dark Sky, Accuweather, and are also available.

Not only can you choose between imperial and metric units, this can be done on a per-measure basis. If you want Celsius temperature, miles for visibility, and kilometers per hour for wind speed, that's your prerogative. And if you don't want some of the data included by default, you can turn any section off; you may not care about the position of the moon and prefer to get rid of it for simplicity. That's no problem.

Premium users can also use interactive radar. New to Today Weather is radar provided by, which is a perfect match for an app that mixes simple design with subtle, informational animation.


To get the full radar experience, you can download Today Weather or head to And if you prefer something a little more conventional, you switch to that in Today Weather's preferences.

Just to sweeten the pot a bit, Today Weather is dropping their price for Premium features to $2.49 for a limited time. That's a $2 discount from the usual $4.49. You can find it at the Play Store and on iOS.

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