Amazon is rolling out a feature today that lets users broadcast messages to connected Echo devices. The company is calling it Alexa Announcements, and the functionality is very similar to the broadcast feature Google Home has had since late last year.

Telling an Echo "announce," "broadcast" or "tell everyone" something will make all connected devices on the account relay the message. "Millions of customers already have more than one Echo device in their home," Amazon says, and given that Echo devices have been able to function as two-way intercoms and make phone calls since last year, this feature seems like a logical step.

Announcements can also be made from the Alexa app, as you can see below.

The feature is rolling out now in the US and Canada. It should come in handy the next time you need to wrangle your family into one room for dinner, or just want to startle your loved ones and confuse your pets.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
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