Hangouts Meet is Google's voice/video conferencing software for business use, and it comes as part of G Suite. There's even purpose-built hardware for it that was updated last month. Like similar services, it allows you to create and share a code that can then be used by employees to connect to meetings. The dial-in feature is great for staff on the move, and now that's being extended further.

Before it was only possible for team members to dial into a meeting from their phone number, but now it's also possible to dial out from Hangouts Meet to any US or Canadian number. It's also completely free of charge. You have to be on the desktop site to use the feature, then you can simply open up the meeting details and click "add someone by phone."

G Suite administrators will need to enable Google Voice in the Admin console before their users can try this out. Although you can only call US or Canadian numbers, you can do so from a wide range of other countries. Check out the full list.