Facebook is rolling out new features today to what are arguably its most important products: the News Feed and Messenger. On the Messenger side, you'll get panoramic photos and HD video support. Meanwhile, the News Feed will get additional tools to help you assess the credibility of a publication that appears in your Feed.

Facebook added support for sending images up to 4K resolution in Messenger recently, and now you can do even bigger images in the form of panoramas. The app doesn't capture 360-degree photos for you, but you can take them with your phone's stock camera app or a third-party one. Then, just share the file in Messenger. Similarly, HD video sharing doesn't mean capturing videos in the app. You can film a video with your phone and share it at 720p resolution in Messenger. You can also share videos from another message or from your News Feed.

Speaking of the News Feed, Facebook has launched some new features related to news stories. Facebook was famously used as a platform for Russian propaganda during the 2016 election—that was several scandals ago, so you might not think about it much anymore. However, Facebook has been working on several tools that should help you determine if a source is trustworthy.

News stories in your Feed will now include context about a publisher from its Wikipedia page if one exists. Stories will also link to other posts by a publisher and tell you if any of your friends have shared the same content. Some users may also see additional information about the author of an article, but this only works on sites that have implemented author tags. This is a test, so it might not roll out to everyone.

The changes to Messenger will require an app update, which should be live now. The Feed changes are a server-side change.