These days, many — if not most — of the electronics we charge or plug in use USB. Sure, your lamp and your fridge probably don't have a USB plug, but your phone, tablet, bluetooth speaker, portable battery pack, and maybe even laptop likely do. It's sort of an overkill to use a whole outlet just to plug in a single USB cable, which is why there are now several places where you can buy USB wall outlets that you can install directly on a wall.

Today, Amazon has a Gold Box Deal on a few Top Greener USB outlets that are selling for 25% or more off their sticker price and which are very well reviewed (one of them is actually 'Amazon's Choice' for the search term "usb wall outlet"). Here's the full list of USB outlets on sale:

If you do the math, however, the only deal which is really worth your time is the first one, since its USB output not only delivers more power that the second item on the list (4.0A compared to 3.1A), it's also cheaper per outlet than the packs of two identical outlets. The TU2154A outlet has two USB A plugs (alas, they're not USB Type-C) which can output a total of 4.0 amps at 5 volts when used simultaneously or 2.4 amps standalone. That should be plenty to charge a phone or tablet, but you'll still need to stick to a proper AC outlet to charge a laptop, since those usually require at least 30 amps.

If you're interested, go ahead and take advantage of the sale — it'll only be around for another 7 hours or so.