We published our review on Ultimate Ears' BLAST and MEGABLAST exactly one month ago today. They're good speakers overall, but they're not without their caveats. One of the most major issues we found is the price; $229.99 for the BLAST and $299.99 for the MEGABLAST, plus another $39.99 for the definitely-needed POWER UP dock, is a lot of dough for an imperfect product in this category. Today, however, Amazon has brought the BLAST and POWER UP bundle's price down to a much more palatable $179.99. There's a $60 discount on a MEGABLAST-POWER UP bundle as well.

There are a lot of things to like about the BLAST; the design looks nice, sound quality and volume are great, there's IP67 water resistance on board, there's Alexa support if that's something you're interested in, and the POWER UP dock makes recharges a lot more convenient. But that dock costs an additional $39.99, there are no playback controls on the speaker itself, there are some missing features from the BLAST line, and the price was a major concern. Half of those cons have been eradicated with this price drop, though, making this a much better buy than before.

Only the Merlot-colored BLAST is $179.99 with a complimentary POWER UP dock; all the other colors are $219.99 with no dock included. If you're after the larger MEGABLAST, you can get one with a POWER UP dock thrown in for $278.98, but only in Graphite Black. Alternatively, you can get a MEGABLAST without the dock (which you really should get) for $238.95. As usual, shipping is free. Best Buy is offering the BLAST in all colors and MEGABLAST in black (sans POWER UP dock) for $179.99 and $238.99, respectively.