Samsung's Always On Display made its debut on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge over two years ago now. Since then, the company has steadily been adding features here and there, which it's been able to do since the feature itself has its own APK. Always On Display's newest addition is GIF support, which lets you add a little action to the otherwise-dull clock and time.

Samsung has long allowed themes to be used with the Always On Display to make things a little more interesting, more recently also permitting photos to be added, but GIF support is new. You can either select one of Samsung's or upload your one via the gallery. But as you might expect from an animated file on a feature that heavily influences battery life, there are a few caveats. For instance, the GIF can't be too long, but you can simply trim the GIF in your gallery if that's an issue. The GIF also won't automatically loop; it just plays once when you turn the display off. You can, however, double-tap it while your screen is off if you'd like the GIF to play once more.

If you don't yet have GIF support on your Galaxy phone, make sure you're updated to Always On Display version We've got the latest Always On Display APK over at APK Mirror if you need it.

Before you go and get excited about GIF-ing up your Always On Display, you absolutely have to be running Oreo, or you're going to have a bad time. Like, don't-even-attempt-this bad time. But for those of you who have already updated, you can go ahead and check this new feature out, worry-free.

Already borked your phone? Reader Justin offers the advice, "Go to settings , apps, tap the 3 dots and show system apps. Find always on display, tap the 3 dots and uninstall updates. Boom."