Amazon has started sales of the Alexa-powered Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus smart speakers in Japan. Pre-orders opened on March 30th, with devices scheduled to ship starting on April 3rd. This release is moderately delayed—Amazon announced last October that Echo would release in Japan "later this year," on the same day Google announced Google Home sales to start in Japan that week. Half a year later, Amazon has finally followed through.

The Echo Dot will sell for ¥5980 ($56), while the standard Echo is ¥11980 ($113), and the Echo Plus is ¥17980 ($169). These prices are just slightly above the United States pricing, which is $49, $99, and $149, respectively. That said, the Echo Dot is ¥1500 off until April 2nd. Amazon is also offering ¥3000 off if you purchase two standard Echo units at the same time, until April 23rd.

Alexa Voice Service is also now available to developers, giving device makers the ability to integrate Alexa services into their own products.

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