OnePlus has seen both hits and misses when it comes to marketing, but the company has its April Fools' day gags down to a science. Based on a recently released video, this year's joke seems poised to offer its own commentary-by-example on one of 2018's biggest fads: cryptocurrencies. 

We get inundated with an endless stream of marketing-speak filled press releases here at Android Police, so we have a good perspective on the slow evolution of the vocabulary currently in vogue for promoting technology. For example, the "machine learning" and "AI" wells have been pretty much pumped dry; you can expect every company to bust out its superior "deep learning" technologies this year. But cryptocurrencies—and "blockchain" references in particular—make a close 2nd in terms of press release buzzword popularity.

Everything's moving to blockchains these days, including OnePlus.

Now, OnePlus does have a history of materializing some of it's Fools' day pranks. Its tiny drone actually went on sale, and small quantities of the Dash Charge drink were made—you can read our review here. So maybe the company has an actual ERC-20 token in the wings. If so, I definitely want in on the presale.