Red Bull has become the eighth official Google Home video streaming partner in the United States. Red Bull TV joins the likes of Netflix, HBO NOW, and Crackle in the exclusive club of services whose content can be summoned to your television using your voice via Google Home in the States.

You're able to cast any of Red Bull TV's films and shows without signing up for the service or fussing with any apps. You don't even have to specify the service—just say the name of a Red Bull TV program, which cast-enabled screen you want to watch on, and that's that. For example: "Hey Google, play Shred Hacks on my TV." (Shred Hacks is one of many very Red Bull shows available on the service.)

It's worth noting that the Google Home support page doesn't say whether you're able to play live events on Red Bull TV this way—it only specifically mentions TV shows and films—and I wasn't able to test it as there aren't currently any live streams available.

While support for more popular services like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video would surely satisfy wider audiences, it's hard to complain about US options—in several countries, Netflix is still Google Home's only supported video provider.