Two weeks ago I wrote up a piece about a few games that were at that time listed on the Play Store for pre-registration. Well, it would appear that one of those listings has been officially released. That title is MARVEL Strike Force, and you can install it right now for free.

If you are unfamiliar with MARVEL Strike Force allow me to fill you in. This is a free-to-play strategic combat game that is very similar to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and DC Legends: Battle for Justice. It is your job to recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful Marvel superheroes and villains. As you outfit and upgrade your team, they will become even stronger, which should help with progression, at least until the grind kicks in.

Like most high-tier FTP releases that use a popular property, the visuals are absolutely stunning. Of course, the gameplay is still filled with all of the pitfalls of similar releases, so you should definitely expect in-app purchases that range up to a whopping $149.99 per item. Suffice it to say the greed is very real with this one.

MARVEL Strike Force may have a hot license to take advantage of and some exemplary graphics, but honestly, this release is simply more of the same FTP content we have seen time and time again, just with a new skin. If you enjoy that sort of thing, then you should feel right at home, but if you were hoping for something fresh and new with this release, well, I have some bad news for you.

MARVEL Strike Force - Squad RPG
MARVEL Strike Force - Squad RPG
Developer: Scopely
Price: Free+