Manufacturer software add-ons have a bad habit of falling somewhere on the spectrum between “eh” and outright bloat, but Motorola's package of Moto Actions, Moto Display, and Moto Voice adds up to one of the more well-rounded, genuinely useful collections of features you'll find on an Android phone. While there's a lot you can already do with those three, from checking your notifications at a glance, to chopping your phone in the air to toggle its flashlight, today we're learning about a useful new addition to the mix, with the release of an updated Moto Display.

The new Moto Display contains the usual assortment of bug fixes and stability tweaks, but we're more interested with the new feature landing today, with the arrival of the ability to display individual notifications that were previously grouped together.

Old: Displaying notifications as a group.

While in the past Moto Display would show you notifications from different apps separately, letting you swipe between them, a group of notifications from the same app was displayed as a single bundle. With this Gmail example, you could see a few senders and subject lines, but to engage with your messages any further, you'd have to jump into the Gmail app itself.

New: Swipe up to expand the group.

Today's update lets you swipe up to expand those notifications and get more detailed information on each one, like timestamps for these emails, and tap to view actual message contents. If you want to keep going and type up a reply, you'll again have to jump into the full Gmail app, but when you've got a lot of notifications waiting, this update does offer to save you a bit of time by giving you some more information on each one before you choose how to engage further.

Moto Display
Moto Display
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