HQ Trivia's debut on Android wasn't too long ago. Four months on and it has lined up some high-profile sponsorships for future trivia games. HQ Trivia has announced a deal with Warner Bros. to promote three films, starting later this Wednesday with "Ready Player One," which will include the biggest prize pool yet for the live trivia app: $250,000. Can't wait? Allegedly there's a surprise game planned for tonight that will be sponsored by Nike, with a $100,000 jackpot. 

For the unfamiliar, HQ Trivia is an app for Android and iOS that provides a live trivia game show that anyone with the app can participate in. Players compete for shares of a prize pool, typically as little as $5,000, but frequently for much more. Outside of special events, games run every day at 9PM EST, with an additional one at 3PM on weekdays.

TechCrunch has confirmed that this $250,000 jackpot is the largest HQ Trivia has ever had. Up until now the largest was for just $50,000. That means that tonight's surprise game for $100,000 will be record-breaking, too (for a couple days, anyway). Allegedly tonight's trivia will also include an additional prize "that money can't buy" for 100 winners. The $100K game tonight will be a separate "surprise" event from the usual 9PM game, according to TechCrunch.

These two sponsorships are good indicators that the company has found a solid monetization strategy for the future. It had long promised that brand promotion would be its plan for the future. Up until now, funds for prizes have come directly from investors. If the company can start reliably making money via these sort of sponsored partnerships, we might see even larger prize pools in the company's (now much more certain) future.

If you're excited at the prospect of a larger prize pool, you can download the app over on Google Play or APK Mirror. There's still plenty of time before tonight's game.

HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia
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