All of us have a thirst for more power, which is why so many people have battery packs these days. But not everything we need can be charged via USB. For those scenarios, a battery with a 3-prong AC plug output would be ideal, and that's exactly what RAVPower's massive 27,000mAh (up to 100W) battery offers at its lowest-ever price of $95.99 with our exclusive coupon code.

This thing has almost everything you could want from a battery. Its pretty sleek-looking body houses a substantial 27,000mAh battery, eight LED indicators, and a number of ports that will satisfy most needs. Of course, the highlight feature is that AC plug, which supports devices up to 70W and has its own power button. There are two 2.4A USB 'iSmart' ports and one 3A USB Type-C port present. The USB-A ports aren't quite Quick Charge-fast, but 2.4A is the next best thing.

$129.99 is what the price is at on Amazon for regular buyers, and a $10 clip coupon can be used to lower that to $119.99. But AP readers can use code APRAV27K to lower that by an additional $24 to an all-time low of $95.99. (Note that you can't use the clip coupon with this code). The deal is live now and expires on April 9th at 11:59pm PT, so you have a bit of time to decide if you want one. You'll have a hard time finding a better way to charge your (non-USB-C) laptop while on the go.