Facebook's been in the news quite a bit recently, almost entirely with a negative connotation. Just earlier today we reported on the recent revelation that it had been (Update: with user permission) harvesting call and messaging metadata from users for years by exploiting Android's old permissions model. Set within the framework of the broader Cambridge Analytica outrage, quite a lot of people are upset at how their data and privacy has been handled by the house of Zuckerberg. Even Elon Musk is supporting #deletefacebook, having axed Tesla's page. That means the 4th largest (and 1st nerdiest) automaker by value in the world no longer has a Facebook presence.

With all this going on, how do you feel? Do you still use Facebook on your phone?

I know a lot of people treat Facebook as one of those necessary evils for modern life, maintaining an account at least for messaging or event planning purposes. But not everyone feels the same. Plenty of even mild privacy advocates have eschewed or minimized its use in fear of losing control of their personal data.

Personally, I don't have the Facebook app installed, and I haven't since probably 2012. As much as I'd love to entirely delete my account, I need it for work. Even so, I still only sign in about twice a year: once around my birthday to tell people to contact me by basically any other method, and around 6 months later to catch any stragglers that didn't notice my years-old anti-Facebook cover photo. But even then, I do that on a desktop.

There are a lot of ways to use Facebook on Android. There's the basic app, the lite version that Google has now started recommending on the Play Store, and even the mobile site. There is also a small pile of third-party so-called "wrapper" apps like Metal. So, how do you use Facebook on your phone—if you do at all?

Do you use Facebook on your phone?

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