Snapchat's Snap Map, the heatmap overview of Snaps shared around the world, was introduced last summer, letting users get a better sense of where their friends were sharing from. However, unless you zoomed out and looked around for Snaps and Stories outside your area, you would likely miss out on content that hadn't been shared nearby. Today, Snap has introduced a feature called 'Explore' that will bring more prominence to content on the Snap Map, regardless of where it's shared from.

'Explore' works as a sort of "tour guide" to a user's Snap Map, allowing them to receive updates when a friend goes on a road trip, catches a flight, or visits someplace new. To find new updates, users can simply tap on 'New Updates' in the Snap Map and see content from their friends around the world. In addition to friends' content, users will also see stories from things like breaking news, events, and trends.

Obviously, sharing your location is opt-in, and your content will only appear on the Snap Map for people with whom you choose to share your location. 'Explore' will be rolling out globally to users over the coming weeks, so don't worry if you can't see it in your app just yet.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+