OnePlus' 5T has been in and out of stock at the company's website for the last couple weeks, and it turns out that's not a fluke. Engadget has confirmed that the company has run out of all its North American stock in just four months. If you didn't manage to grab one new from the OnePlus store, 3rd party resellers and used phones are now your only option. 

The 5T has had a wild ride. It picked up where the original OnePlus 5 left off, with the display mounted the right way up this time. In fact, most of us here at Android Police were very impressed with the phone, and quite a lot of us got one. Its only real disappointment was a much-overhyped camera, but for $500 it presented an excellent value.

Like all OnePlus phones, it did have a small problem playing back HD content in Netflix, but the company did offer a solution—which proves how far OnePlus has come. Everyone makes mistakes, but at least OnePlus took responsibility and implemented a fix for those that wanted it.

While it's sad to see the 5T go, apparently the explanation is entirely non-nefarious. OnePlus simply ran out of stock. It set aside a specific number for each market, with no more planned for manufacturing once that number was reached. The company hadn't expected to reach that target for another few weeks, though, pointing to stronger than expected sales. So while it still has stock for other markets, the North American/US well has now run dry.

Based on what we've seen, the upcoming OnePlus 6 (if that's what it ends up being called) has some big shoes to fill. Let's just hope its likely unibrow doesn't get in the way of destiny.