Google Wifi impressed when it first came out right at the end of 2016. And it's still an excellent option today, especially if you want a reliable connection throughout your home which you struggle to achieve with a single-router setup. Unfortunately, Google Wifi is only available in a handful of countries, but Ireland has just been added to the list.

In October last year, Google started selling its router system in several Nordic countries and The Netherlands, following on from its launch in France and Germany earlier in the year. Although Google's availability page has yet to be updated to include Ireland, visit the Google Store in the country and you'll be able to purchase Google Wifi.

It costs €139 for a single router and €359 for the three-pack. You'll need the latter if you want to improve coverage in a building with frustratingly thick walls. The Google Wifi app (below) also has plenty of useful features, including parental controls, so it's a great overall solution to be sure.

Google Wifi
Google Wifi
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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