The signs have been accumulating over the past few weeks: Italian showed up among the languages supported on the Google Home, then it also was listed on third-party Assistant speakers, and just this morning plenty of Google Home support pages (like this) started saying the Home was available in Italy and speaking Italian. Now it's official: the Google Home and Home Mini are up on the Italian Google Store, but you can only sign up for the waiting list.

Prices aren't yet available, but given the current prices in France and Germany, the Home Mini should be between 49,00 € and 59,00 €, and the regular Home 129,00 € to 149,00 €. The page seems to indicate that many native controls are supported in Italian, like regular Google search questions, smart home control integrations, Netflix and Spotify support, and more. The official partner list page isn't live in Italian yet, but keep checking it to see when it gets updated, and you can browse third-party actions on Google in the Italian Assistant directory. These two pages should give you an idea of what to expect from your Google Home.

We'll keep an eye and let you know when the Homes become officially available for purchase on the Italian store. In the meantime, go check this adorable video in case you haven't yet.

The Home and Home Mini are now available for pre-order on the Italian store for 149 € and 59 €, respectively. Shipping is expected to start Monday, March 26.