We only just wrote about YouTube's new picture-in-picture test on the web, but it's common knowledge by now that Google loves running limited tests. The world's largest video sharing site is now testing a feature it calls 'miniplayer-bar' in its code, and it's something that really should have been implemented a long time ago.

You know how Facebook videos follow you to the side of your feed when you begin to keep scrolling down your news feed? This is basically the same idea, except that there's a whole bar up top with the likes/dislikes, the share option, the subscribe button, and more. As soon as the entire video disappears from your screen, the bar will follow you down.

To me personally, everything aside from the video itself seems a bit unnecessary, but it's nice that YouTube is testing this at all. As someone who often scrolls down to read the comments while watching videos (I'm a glutton for punishment), this is definitely a nice addition. Hopefully YouTube officially enables this sooner than later.