Twitch, the most popular streaming platform in the world, announced that Extensions, audience interaction elements that streamers can add to their streams, are available on the Android and iOS apps. Released six months ago for desktop, Extensions have drawn in 1.5 billion uses by viewers and have improved the overall watching experience for many.

  • Sixth Sense: We are so excited about this latest update we’re bumping our version number to 6. We are introducing Extensions in Mobile and you’ll be able to watch Ads to earn Bits!

Extensions include things like leaderboards, schedules, polls, showing match history and loadouts, and so on. Though I personally have interacted with them little (I usually watch Twitch for Overwatch League), they're definitely an interesting feature and have been a nice addition in my experience.

Though support launched yesterday, the individual developers for the Extensions need to update theirs to be mobile-friendly. A few are available right now for streamers to check out with more on the way. The update should be available for everyone, but we also have the latest version for you over on APK Mirror.