Instagram made the switch to a non-chronological feed a while back, and many users are still unhappy with it. Today, Instagram says it's rolling out some changes to make the feed less terrible. Well, Instagram didn't call the feed "terrible," but that seems to be the consensus outside the company. Soon, you'll see newer posts near the top and have more control over refreshing.

According to the new blog post, Instagram is testing a "New Posts" button in the feed. That means you won't have to worry about the feed randomly refreshing and moving you to the top. You can tap the New Posts button when you want to refresh. Otherwise, you'll stay where you are in the feed.

The other change addresses the algorithm, which tends to show old posts and recommended content near the top. Instagram says the app will now lean more toward newer posts at the top. However, this is still an algorithmic feed—chronological order isn't coming back. More feed changes are allegedly coming in the next few months.