Analytics is a big business. It's not just about building a product, you need to know how to optimize it. Time can be spent more efficiently when you have the data required to point you in the direction of problems. To that end, Cloudflare—of DDoS mitigation fame—is releasing the Cloudflare Mobile SDK to help app developers better optimize networking performance. 

With the new Mobile SDK, app makers can check detailed analytics that better quantify when a user has a poor experience. When an app fails due to a networking problem, rather than being forced to reproduce things manually or hunt through logs that may or may not have been forwarded, developers can quickly and simply check to see what failed and how.

Cloudflare claims the SDK is lightweight, privacy-minded, and easy to setup and use. It's cross-platform, available for both iOS and Android apps. Best of all, it's free.

Interested developers can check out the Cloudflare Mobile SDK Product Page and developer docs for more information.

Press Release

Cloudflare Announces Mobile SDK to Monitor Network Performance for
New free solution delivers network analytics to any mobile app developer

San Francisco, CA, March 22, 2018 —​ ​Cloudflare, the leading Internet performance and security company, today announced the Cloudflare Mobile SDK, a free solution that enables any mobile app developer to understand network performance and metrics.

Consumers are frustrated by mobile apps that are slow, crash, or deliver errors that degrade the experiences. For mobile app developers, a bad user experience means poor reviews, lower engagement, and reduced conversion on business metrics.

Delivering consistent app performance requires focusing on every link in the chain: app code, network calls between the app and edge networks, and server infrastructure. There are a number of solutions that give developers analytics on their applications, but there has never been a way for app developers to understand how often their apps fail due to network errors. App developers easily integrate the Cloudflare Mobile SDK with their mobile apps to give them visibility into network performance and errors around the world.

“Cloudflare is focused on helping to build a better Internet, from handset to origin server and back,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “We wanted to help mobile app developers better track network performance easily and for free, because it’s better for the Internet.”

Examples of network errors impacting user experience include:
● Disconnects that occur roaming from network-to-network (eg. from a cell network to home wifi).
● Packet loss due to poor signal.
● Congestion on the Internet between the cell tower and infrastructure.

The Cloudflare Mobile SDK offers app developers never-before-seen insights to improve their
customers’ user experience. The benefits of the Cloudflare Mobile SDK include:
● Lightweight:​ No impact on performance or device battery life.
● Actionable, Novel Data: ​Understand network performance in apps the same way developers analyze network calls in a browser.
● Minimal Dependencies: ​Anyone can use the Cloudflare Mobile SDK to collect data, even those not using any Cloudflare infrastructure.
● Private by Design​: Cloudflare will never collect persistent identifiers or sell your data to third parties.
● Easy Setup: ​Installing Cloudflare’s Mobile SDK is easy, only requiring developers to add a few lines of code to an iOS or Android application.

Cloudflare Mobile SDK is complementary to app developer tools like Crashlytics, Rollbar, Sentry, Raygun, Instabug, Flurry Analytics, etc. A number of customers have already integrated the Cloudflare Mobile SDK into their applications:

To learn more about Cloudflare Mobile SDK, please check out the resources below.
● Cloudflare Mobile SDK Product Page
● Cloudflare Mobile SDK Blog

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