Spoilers suck. Whether you're enjoying some books and the TV series gets ahead of itself (Game of Thrones, you're dead to me), or your friends just can't resist revealing the twist at the end of a good movie, spoilers seriously ruin your appreciation for something. It's about the journey as much as the destination, right? So sportsball fans that subscribe to YouTube TV can now configure for scores to be hidden in the YouTube TV interface. Google has also expanded its TV service to Charleston, South Carolina and West Virginia. 

The process to hide sports scores is documented on a new YouTube TV help page, and it's very simple—though it's currently only supported in the YouTube TV app and desktop site. To enable it, all you have to do is open YouTube TV, open the 3-dot menu on a team or league page, and toggle "Hide all scores for this team/league."

This disables live previews for related games (with a notification explaining why, just in case you forget later). So if you miss watching a few games, and head to the Schedule tab for your team or league, you won't be spoiled by the results before you can catch up.

We've got one more little update to the YouTube TV roster as part of these additions: Viewers in New York will now be able to access SportsNet New York as part of their regional sports lineup.