Amazon sells a lot of ebooks on its Kindle platform, but it also owns Audible to push audiobooks. It sells a lot of those, too, even though audiobooks tend to be rather spendy. Audible subscriptions are a cheaper way to get the books, and you can save a ton on an Audible subscription today. It's $50 cheaper than usual, and they'll throw in an Echo Dot.

An annual Audible subscription is usually $149.50, but you can sign up right now for just $99.50. This is the standard gold membership, which costs $15 per month if paid individually instead of yearly. You get 12 credits for audiobooks, but you get them all at once instead of monthly. That's good for 12 books, although a few larger titles might cost two credits.

With your membership, you get a free Echo Dot, which retails for $50. Alternatively, you can get a $50 discount on one of the more capable Echo devices. These smart speakers work with Audible, so you can listen to your books. The offer ends on March 25th, and only applies to the first year's subscription. Subsequent years will cost the full $149.50.