For the past couple weeks now, ever since Google published Chrome 65, we've been wondering when the next iteration of Chrome OS would go official. After all, we've been following the platform's development quite closely, and have been curious to see what would make the cut. Well, our answers are finally here, as a little earlier this week Google started rolling out Chrome OS 65 to the Stable channel.

While there's not anything here that's overly world-shattering, we do get a nice mix of new features, under-the-hood tweaks, and some important security upgrades.

Looking to liven-up your lockscreen a little? With Chrome OS 65, you can replace your static profile pic with a short video snippet, so you can shake your head dismissively at anyone trying to guess your password.

Cloud storage is likely your best friend as a Chrome OS user, but for when you do find yourself storing downloads locally, this release makes it easier to track them down thanks to the Launcher's search functionality learning to ferret them out. We also see improvements on the cloud-side of things, like improved archive support with Drive.

Google has been taking the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities seriously since they were revealed earlier this year, and Chrome OS 65 continues with that trend, delivering additional mitigation for Intel-based devices.

Here's everything new Google's sharing about Chrome OS 65:

New Features

  • Enterprise policy for keeping account sign-in consistent between browser and device
  • Local files now available in Launcher search results
  • Kiosk mode now supports mix mode for external displays, extended and mirroring mode simultaneously
  • Automatic Re-Enrollment for managed devices
  • Select-to-Speak word highlighting and additional options
  • Support device-wide certificates in SAML SSO sign-in
  • ARC++ WM resize shadow and drag magnetization
  • MIDI API support for Android apps running on Chrome OS
  • Short video recording for profile pictures
  • Advanced options screen for tablet setup
  • Expanded unzipping support within Files app for files hosted on Drive
  • New setting for more accurate timezone detection

Security Fixes

  • Intel devices on 3.14 kernels received the KPTI mitigation against Meltdown with Chrome OS 65.
  • All Intel devices received the Retpoline mitigation against Spectre variant 2 with Chrome OS 65.

Since the update got started on Monday, you may have already seen yours arrive. Otherwise, have patience; it should be on its way soon.