The Galaxy S9 is shipping, so it's about time that Samsung's 2017 flagship phones got Oreo, don't you think? So far, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon have all started pushing updates. Today is AT&T's turn. The OTA is hitting devices as we speak, so that's the last of the big four.

The update includes a bump to Android 8.0, which is still a little behind the Android 8.1 running on the Pixels and some other phones. You also get Samsung Experience 9.0 with a few UI tweaks to bring it in-line with the Galaxy S9. The upgrade to Oreo will add features like autofill, notification dots, and picture-in-picture.

Judging by the tips we're getting, this update is available widely. You can head to your update menu to try and pull the OTA down manually. If it's not showing up, it should not be long now.

The AT&T Galaxy S8+'s Oreo update is now rolling out. Oddly, AT&T chose to release the S8's Oreo update before the S8+'s, even though every other carrier released both updates at the same time.

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