Google continues to improve YouTube's livestreaming features after having announced auto-captions and new chat features just last month. Today, Google has revealed that it's refining YouTube Live's streaming process to make it much simpler and quicker for users to get their livestream up and running.

Up until now, it's been fairly cumbersome to start a livestream from a computer using an encoder, requiring several steps and specific software. With today's changes, all a user has to do is head over to and hit the "Go live" button to start streaming — no additional software or setup needed. For now, the new streaming process is only available on Chrome, but support for other browsers is in the works.

Google also wants to make live streaming on phones easier, and so it's working with manufacturers such as Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung to integrate streaming capabilities directly into devices' camera apps using the new YouTube Mobile Live deep link. Google hasn't committed to a hard ETA, but it says that its goal is to bring this feature to devices "in the coming months."