Google Assistant's language support is, to put it mildly, dumbfounding. The list of languages that you can talk to Assistant in varies between phones, tablets, smartwatches, speakers, Google Home, Allo, TVs, Autos, and every other medium you can find it on. But sooner or later, they start catching up to each other, and now two new languages are making their way to Assistant on Wear OS: Spanish and Hindi.

So if you were previously able to use Assistant on your phone in Spanish - and more recently in Hindi - but were baffled by the fact that your smartwatch, which is set to either of these languages, didn't get Assistant, then you're in luck. The change has been made official on the Wear OS support pages so it should be live already or rolling out soon. Oh and if you missed the memo and are wondering what Wear OS is, it's the brand new name for Android Wear as of a few days ago and many watches are being updated to get it.