Chargers usually only use one type of fast charging technology - be it Qualcomm Quick Charge, OnePlus DashCharge, USB Power Delivery, or something else. If you want something that can charge nearly everything at a fast rate, ZeroLemon's all-in-one brick is for you, and it's $30 off right now from Amazon.

The charger doesn't really have a name, besides the SEO alphabet soup listed on the Amazon page, but it has just about all the features you'd need. There's one Quick Charge 3.0 port, one 65W USB Type-C Power Delivery port, and two standard 2.4A Type-A ports. Put simply, this should quickly top up just about any phone/tablet you might own.

You may notice this one-star review on Amazon, with one owner saying the charger left a burnt hole on their desk. We reached out to ZeroLemon about this, and they sent us proof that the device passed Amazon's product safety requirements, so you can take that into consideration. The charger is $30 off if you use coupon code 9BCSWSFJ at checkout.