A few days ago, eBay ran a promotion for 20% off on everything on its website. Unfortunately, that promotion only lasted a single day and stocks disappeared unbelievably fast, so not everyone was able to get in on it. Luckily, eBay is running a new promotion today for 15% off everything, so if you missed out last time, this is still a very good opportunity to take advantage of.

The deal is pretty similar to the previous one, but with slightly worse limitations. Like last time, a minimum purchase of $25 is required, but the discount is capped at $50 (compared to $100 previously). There are also a few exceptions that don't quality for the discount, but that probably won't be relevant to most people: coins and paper money, gift cards and coupons, and real estate categories won't get the discount.

Again, the discount can be applied to your entire cart and not just a single item, so you can buy multiple smaller items instead of a single, more expensive one. However, because of the $50 cap, you won't get any additional savings on purchases that are more than $333.33 in total.

To get in on the deal, just head over to eBay and use the coupon PSPRINGTIME at checkout. Certain sellers also offer up to 20% discount with the coupon PRETTYDAY, so try that one out first. Hurry up, though, the 15% sale ends at 7PM Pacific Time (8 hours from now), so if you're on the fence to buy a 128 GB Pixel 2 for $479.99, a Samsung Galaxy S8 for $479.99, or a shiny new Nintendo Switch for $246.49, don't wait too long.