Amazon's Key in-home delivery service was announced last October and its cameras and smart door locks became available in November. Since then, Amazon has been able to use Key to place your purchases inside your doorstep by asking you to grant its delivery staff access to your house and letting you monitor everything via camera. Now the Key app is getting one small but important update: fingerprint authentication.

Since Key essentially controls your smart door lock, leaving the app unprotected isn't a very good idea. Now you can enable fingerprint auth in the settings to add one more hurdle before anyone can unlock your door if they somehow got their hands on your phone. The update should be live in the updated Key app on the Play Store, which you can grab from the link below.

* You now have the ability to enable fingerprint authentication in settings for additional security in the app.
* Improved stability - fixed app crashes.

Key by Amazon
Key by Amazon
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free