Wireless charging for smartphones endures, and Anker is pushing further into this playing field with its new line of PowerWave wireless chargers, which the company first announced at the 2018 Mobile World Congress and began selling a few days ago. If you own a phone with Qi-enabled fast wireless charging, Anker's coupon codes for its new wireless chargers sold on Amazon may be of interest. There are also a few other deals on Anker charging and car accessories.

Anker's PowerWave fast wireless chargers have a 10W output, which the company says will top up a compatible Samsung phone in 2.6 hours. They're available as either a stand or a pad, and both versions have an internal fan to keep things cool and fast. These come with a Quick Charge 3.0 AC adapter included.

Anker is offering 15% off a purchase of one of these new wireless chargers, and 20% off if you purchase two on Amazon (though I'm finding that the 20% discount can be had if you order at least two of either charger; you can also mix and match between the two versions). Here are the codes, which expire on March 29th:

Here are some other deals on Anker accessories:

If you're interested in any of these deals, use the links and codes above, and take note of the varied expiration dates.