Hot on the heels of Big Red and John Legere and co, Sprint is now pushing the Android 8.0 Oreo / Samsung Experience 9.0 update to its versions of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. That makes it the third major US carrier to do so, leaving only AT&T (and US Cellular, if you count that).

Like with other variants, the update is coming in at a little over 1.5GB (or around 350MB for beta testers). This might be getting a little repetitive, but Oreo brings picture-in-picture, Autofill, notification dots, and more. Samsung refinements include minor UI tweaks, Dual Messenger, more Edge lighting effects, etc.

Based on the amount of comments we received from Sprint S8/S8+ owners on the T-Mobile post, it's pretty clear that the update is rolling out pretty widely. But if you haven't yet received it, a manual check won't hurt.

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