What's crackalackin', fellow mobile-tech aficionados? I'm Stephen, your resident News Editor and latest addition to the Android Police crew. I'm here to keep that sweet, sweet, Android info flowing, and make sure you stay at the head of the curve with the freshest news about your favorite mobile platform.

Walking in as the new guy always has the potential to be a harrowing experience, and considering the deep pool of talent Android Police is working with, that can leave you with a lot to prove. As you've probably seen from some other recent introductions, we've got a nice mix here of people from different backgrounds, ranging from talented developers to dedicated users with a thirst for technology.

While I've got some fundamental coding chops under my belt, getting started with BASIC on my Apple IIGS back in elementary school, and crashing my PC in all sorts of interesting ways as I fumbled with x86 assembly in my teen years, with Android my interests are much more user-focused, learning how the operating system is evolving to meet the disparate needs of a couple-billion-some people and making sure you understand and are fully equipped to take advantage of those developments.

I've been writing about smartphones and related mobile tech pretty much exclusively since 2010, and over the years have seen plenty of manufacturers, developers, and even operating systems come and go. But throughout all that, Android's held a really special place in my heart. More than just being the platform I use most frequently, and consistently turn to for my personal devices, it's also the one I respect the most.

Why? While other OSes may pride themselves on really intuitive interfaces, or exceptionally robust security, there's often a big trade-off there in that you give up a fair amount of control over your device in the process; it may “just work,” but what if you'd prefer it worked a little differently? Android manages to deliver a good polished, secure experience while also leaving the door open for you to step outside your comfort zone and take your smartphone experience in pretty much any direction you choose. So now I'm incredibly excited to be at a site that's as passionate about Android as I am.

I got my first real taste of Android with the OG Motorola Droid—back when I was convinced that on-screen text entry was the devil. I moved on to the Nexus 4, then Nexus 5, which was my favorite phone for a good, long while. A couple years back I started reviewing phones, exposing me to oodles of new hardware in the process. Some of my more recent favs have been the LG G6, BlackBerry KEYone, and of course the Pixel family. Right now I'm carrying a V30 as my daily driver, but I like to switch things up every couple months.

On the non-mobile front, I'm a PC dude, clinging onto the scraps of Windows 7 for as long as software still runs on it. My machine's a bit of a Frankenstein, accumulating so many drives that I've run out of SATA ports, but it's my baby. When I'm writing, I bang out my posts on an IBM Model M keyboard that's probably older than several of my colleagues here.

In my down time, I collect, refurbish, mod, and play '90s video game hardware—I've got a particular sweet spot for hot-mess failures, so hit me up if you want to talk 3DO or Virtual Boy. When it gets a bit warmer, I enjoy little more than exploring the rolling Massachusetts terrain on one of my Moto Guzzis.

I'm looking forward to helping the site continue with its mission of Android awesomeness, and hope to get to know plenty of you in the comments.