Rumors about LG's next flagship have been all over the place. LG was considering rebranding the G series, then the company reportedly started over on the phone. A device called the 'G7 Neo' was privately shown at MWC last month, which had a 19.5:9 OLED screen with a notch. Whatever phone ends up being the G7, it won't have an AMOLED display, according to a new report from The Investor.

The LG V30 was the company's first recent phone to have an OLED screen, but rather than using panels from Samsung, LG used its own 'POLED' screens. As mentioned in our V30 review, these screens often suffered from quality control issues. According to The Investor, LG will be sticking with LCD for the G7, mostly in an effort to reduce costs.

The move might also have something to do with Apple, which is expected to continue making LCD-equipped iPhones this year. Perhaps LG thinks most consumers don't know or care about the difference in display technology. I'm inclined to agree, but sticking with LCD means the G7 will have to be special in some other way for it to sell well.