Duo's getting a handy new feature today that allows users to leave messages when their calls go unanswered. If the person on the receiving end misses or declines a call, the caller will now be able to record a clip to be reviewed later.

People aren't always available on demand when cool stuff is happening, but "you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to show them what you were calling about," Google says. Callers can leave audio or video messages, but they're limited to 30 seconds.

A "call now" button is displayed after messages are played back, so even if you miss it in real time, you'll easily be able to get in touch with your friend who wanted to show you his dog standing at a steering wheel after the fact.

The rollout is starting today and the feature should be live everywhere "over the next several days," according to Google. You can grab the newest version, complete with video messages, from APK Mirror.

According to Justin Uberti, Google Duo and WebRTC lead at Google, video messages are now fully rolled out to every Duo user on Android or iPhone with version 29 or above of the app.

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