Project Fi is becoming more and more enticing, with the recent additions of Bill Protection (basically an unlimited plan) and extended international coverage. The biggest downside to Fi is still the lack of supported devices, but now the carrier is making that a bit more enticing. If you sign up for Fi from now until February 28, you can get $80 off any phone it sells, in the form of service credit.

The discount brings the 64GB Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL down to $569 and $769, respectively. The original Pixel XL is also reduced to $469 (Fi no longer sells the 2016 5" Pixel). The discount is a far better deal if you want to buy the Android One Moto X4, which becomes $169. That's a killer deal.

Besides the requirement of being a new subscriber (booo), there aren't any weird stipulations about the offer. The $80 comes in the form of service credit, so this won't be helpful for people looking to buy a Moto X4 and take it to another carrier. The credit will be applied after the phone has been active for 30 days. You can also only use the discount once, so choose wisely.

You can sign up for Project Fi and buy a new phone at the reduced price at the link below. It's a referral link, so you'll get an additional $20 of service credit on top of the $80 credit. That's an entire Benjamin of credit.

Looks like Google decided to draw out this deal sometime after the first details went live. Now it's valid through March 17th. If you thought you missed your chance for an $80 service credit, you still have two more days to take advantage of it.