Notoriously radical "Un-carrier" T-Mobile has set two Guinness World Records in an astounding pair of stunts the company billed as "The World's Most 'Extra' Speed Test." Of course, both records involve water skiing.

The stunts, which T-Mobile described as "epic," were meant to promote the speed of both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and T-Mobile's network. Quick, think of something fast! Did you picture a blimp?

In a video set to dramatic score, a water skier being towed behind an "airship" (i.e., a blimp) sends a text message from an S9, evidently breaking the world record for "fastest text on a touch screen mobile phone while water skiing."

But was the Un-carrier content with just one incredible feat of derring-do? Absolutely not! To our sheer amazement and delight, T-Mobile delivered another jaw-dropping spectacle in breaking the world record for "greatest distance water skied while towed behind a blimp." The skier performing the second stunt even threw in some sick flips for good measure.

Pretty cool, T-Mobile.