Smartwatches haven't been the smash hit everyone was expecting. We're coming up on four years since Android Wear launched, and the platform has gained little traction. Well, Android Wear is over. Now it's Wear OS that has yet to gain traction. Yes, the rumored rebranding of Google's wearable OS is now official.

There's a new landing page for Wear OS, but you could be fooled if you missed the branding at the top of the page. Wear OS is just Android Wear by a different name. From what we can tell, there are no feature changes as part of this update. If you were not a big fan of Android Wear, you'll still take issue with Wear OS. Still, a new name indicates Google is at least paying attention to its wearable platform. That was seemingly not the case for a long stretch.

It looks like Google is wasting no time switching over to the Wear OS brand. Several readers have reached out to tell us their watches have already been updated to "Wear OS" via the latest app version. Check out the video above for the new boot up animation. Hopefully, this means more substantial changes are coming to Android Wear—I mean Wear OS—in the near future. Maybe Google I/O will include some new features for wearables.


We've got the new app version on APK Mirror. Install this, and your watch should switch over to the Wear OS branding.

Blog post

Google has a blog post up on the rebranding. It doesn't offer much in the way of explanation but notes that a lot of Android Wear users have an iPhone. Calling it Wear OS makes a little more sense in that context.

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