When it landed on iOS last month, Annapurna Interactive's Florence was a hit, almost immediately making the App Store's Editors' Choice list. The game is simple, a so-called "interactive storyboard" that follows our protagonist Florence as her first relationship breaks up the mundane tedium of her life. Now those of us on greener (#A4C639) pastures can enjoy the game as well, and it's just been released for Android on the Play Store

Aesthetically, the game's art style resembles a comic or graphic novel, accompanied by an orchestrated soundtrack. The game is divided into a series of chapters that start off by familiarizing you with how the various (simple) mechanics work. Sometimes you'll scroll around looking at panels, other times you'll be dragging dials as Florence brushes her teeth or tunes camera focus. All of the actions blend smoothly together, though, into a single narrative-driven continuity, and skill isn't really required to advance.

Though the developer may have been the lead designer for Monument Valley, this is a very different kind of game.

I don't want to give away too much of the story—that's really the whole point of the game, in this case—but the overall plot follows Florence through the abridged summary of a relationship, with vignette-like episodes and scenes that might leave you remembering your own youthful experiences.

If you're into visual novels or just general feels, this might be your jam. The game takes under an hour to complete (if you aren't too slow to grasp the mechanics). It runs $2.99 and has no in-app purchases, so the price you pay upfront is the only price you'll need to worry about. There aren't any hidden costs here. At that price, a bit over half an hour's entertainment isn't a poor value, but since this is a mostly narrative experience, replayability might be lacking.

Given the 4.6 stars on Apple's App Store and generally favorable reviews since the iOS release, fans of the genre might not want to miss Florence. You can grab it over at the Play Store via the widget below.

Price: $2.99