Remember how long it took Google to make reminders work on Google Home? I won't bore you by recounting the whole sage, but the wait was substantial. At least adding new reminder features isn't taking too long. We heard some weeks back about location-based reminders in Assistant for phones, but the Home release was "in the coming weeks." For once, Google actually meant "in the coming weeks." It's live right now on a Home near you.

Setting a location-based reminder is easy—just tell Assistant you want to be reminded of something when you are in a certain place. For example, "remind me to pick up milk when I'm at the store." Because this is location-based, you won't be notified on Google Home. That thing stays at home. Instead, you get the reminders on your phone as you reach the specified location.

I just tested this on my Google Home and it worked fine. You can specify a particular location or something more general. I told it to remind me of something when I go to Target, and Home said it would remind me on my phone when I go to "a Target." Presumably that means it'll work the next time Assistant believes I am in any Target store. Neat.