If you're anything like me, you probably change your wallpaper pretty often. I'm both easily bored and fickle, so I'm always searching for the next cool photo or artwork to make my homescreen pop. The guys behind Alvar Carto have provided me with my next great wallpaper, and I can't recommend it enough.


It was already possible to use the service to create stylized map posters, so digital wallpapers were seemingly a logical next step. If you head to the phone background creator, you can choose a location (including pan and zoom), select a resolution to match your phone, and pick one of the four color presets. The end result is a downloadable image you can then set as your wallpaper.


Searching for locations with eye-catching road and waterways is pretty addictive. Personally, I think it looks better when there's a large body of water, as you get a nice contrast between sea and land, but there are tons of good-looking options. That last pinkish one is my favorite so far, though I can tell I'll spend a great deal more time hunting for the perfect combination. The Reddit introduction post by one of the devs has almost 15,000 upvotes, so I'm clearly not the only one. I suggest you give it a go, too.