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When you think of cloud storage, Dropbox and OneDrive are probably the first of a host of services that come to mind. Next, are the exorbitant rates these solutions charge to handle your information, while not giving you much flexibility with the space you're given. That said, it's no wonder why many prefer hard storage options off the cloud or just stick to the free cloud plans that give out a few gigabytes here and there but can't possibly back up all of our sensitive files.

However, that's not to say we're doomed to play roulette with our precious data. Zoolz Cloud Storage, a London-based cloud storage provider, is on a mission to make cloud storage more affordable and accessible to the everyday user, mainly through its distinct blend of "Cold" and "Instant" storage — tiered backup solutions that secure your data based on your needs (more on this later). Reviewster gave Zoolz 4.5/5 stars because of these flexible storage options while remaining simple and easy to use.

Right now, tech deal site StackSocial is offering 2TB lifetime plans on sale for $49.99, which is more than 90% off a lifetime plan's $3,600 retail value. What's more, Android Police readers can take an additional 15% off with code APZ15. Here are some features that make Zoolz stand out from the rest of the cloud storage providers out there:

Cold vs. Instant Storage:

As mentioned earlier, Zoolz's blend of Cold and Instant Storage is part of what makes it one of the more affordable solutions on the market. This lifetime plan includes 1TB of Instant Storage and 1TB of Cold Storage, and while both variants backup your data, there are some distinct differences between the two. As its name suggests, Instant Storage is where you backup files that you plan on coming back to often, as you can access them from Zoolz instantly.

Cold Storage, on the other hand, is a bit different. Using this method, you can still backup your sensitive information, but restoring it takes three to five hours, making it more suited for those documents you know you won't need at the drop of a hat but still want to keep safe. Either way, Zoolz uses military level AES-256 encryption to keep your files secure before, during, and after they're transferred from your device to its servers.

Now, Cold Storage isn't unique to Zoolz, as services like Amazon Glacier also utilize Cold Storage to backup information. But, there are a few features Zoolz Cold Storage has over the competition, including automatic backups, photo previews for JPG and RAW images, as well as end-to-end encryption, to name a few.


On top of offering tiered storage solutions, Zoolz delivers a level of accessibility and ease-of-use that's not common for most providers. Using its web viewer, you can view instant previews of your image files, instantly search through your backed-up documents, and drag-and-drop to upload files or folders anywhere.

In addition to its web viewer, Zoolz even lets you access your information through its secure mobile app. Using the app, you can access your encrypted, backed up files, view and play media, share data, or even save them for editing and offline viewing. What's more, when it comes to backing up your information, Zoolz doesn't restrict you by capping bandwidth upload/download speeds or imposing upload/download file size limitations.

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Zoolz offers a host of different plans and pricing options, from home to business-oriented solutions as well as an Intelligent Cloud solution that focuses on enhanced data organization and insights. However, with this lifetime plan from StackSocial, you can access a whopping 2TB of cloud storage split between Instant and Cold Storage for $49.99—a fraction of what you would pay at full price.

Of course, lifetime plans are only as good as long as the provider stays on the market, but with Zoolz banking more than seven years under its belt and upwards of three million users, it's safe to say that this solution is likely sticking around.

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