Stampede Games may sound familiar thanks to their previous release Evo Explores, which happens to look and play a lot like Monument Valley. Well, it would appear that the developer has released an all-new puzzle game for Android called .projekt, and I have to say it's quite striking. But even if you ignore the well-thought-out art direction, the puzzle-based gameplay holds its own while offering up a solid challenge worth the asking price.

The way .projekt works is actually pretty simple. It tasks the player with aligning blocks on a grid so that their shadows match with the shapes projected on two surrounding walls. At first, you are eased into the gameplay, but trust me when I say it gets much more difficult the further you progress. What's nice is that there is no pressure to solve these puzzles because there are no timers or high scores to worry about. In total there are 60 levels to explore, so there is definitely a good bit of content to work your way through.

It is also worth pointing out that this is an upfront paid game. For $1.99 you get access to the entire thing, and there are no in-app purchases or advertisements to ruin your experience. Plus it's great to see that Google Play Games Services are indeed supported by the inclusion of an achievement system and cloud save support. This way you can easily pick up where you last left off, no matter what Android device you choose to play with.

If you happen to be looking for a new minimal puzzle game to leisurely work your way through, .projekt is an excellent choice. I have been enjoying my time with it, and I see little reason why anyone else wouldn't feel the same. The game is simply beautiful to look at, and it offers a unique concept that is intuitive for the player while remaining challenging. Plus the upfront pricing and inclusion of GPG support don't hurt. If you have the spare funds, pick this one up as soon as possible.

Developer: Stampede Games
Price: $1.99