Magisk is probably a name that needs no introduction 'round these parts, but for the uninitiated, it's an open source root solution which includes SafetyNet root detection mitigation—so you can have your # and still get Pokemon Go, too. Prolific Magisk developer topjohnwu may have been called to military service, but even he couldn't resist the allure of the new Android P developer previews. The new Magisk v16.1 and Magisk Manager v5.6.2 released over the weekend have introduced support for Google's latest.

In case you aren't aware, Magisk is a two-part solution composed of Magisk itself and the Magisk Manager apk, which handles updates and configuration options. The full changelog for each is just below:


  • v16.1
    - [MagiskBoot] Fix MTK boot image packaging
    - [MagiskBoot] Add more Nook/Acclaim headers support
    - [MagiskBoot] Support unpacking DTB with empty kernel image
    - [MagiskBoot] Update high compression mode detection logic
    - [Daemon] Support new mke2fs tool on Android P
    - [resetprop] Support Android P new property context files
    - [MagiskPolicy] Add new rules for Android P

Magisk Manager

  • v5.6.2
    - Cleanup folders if installation failed
    - Add support for Android P

In addition to Android P support, a number of minor improvements to MagiskBoot are also included in this latest version. So if, for example, you were having issues installing Magisk on MediaTek or Nook devices, it might be worth trying again with this recent update.