TunnelBear has been a popular VPN service for years, partially thanks to its ease of use, and partially thanks to the adorable bear graphics. Now TunnelBear is working on a password manager, aptly named 'RememBear,' and it's free while in beta.

At the moment, there are native applications available for Windows and macOS (sorry Linux users), and mobile apps for Android and iOS. There are also browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The service uses end-to-end 256-bit encryption to ensure only you have access to your passwords, and the codebase has been independently audited.


Since this is a beta product, there are definitely some missing features, like the ability to categorize passwords. The Android app also doesn't appear to support the Oreo Autofill API, which LastPass does use.

You can find out more information about RememBear at its website, and the Android app is linked below. Pricing for the service once it leaves beta is currently unknown. It's also important to note that TunnelBear was recently purchased by McAfee.

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