According to a source familiar with the company's plans, as part of today's downsizing of Motorola's engineering team in Chicago, the Lenovo-owned smartphone maker has completely abandoned plans to launch the successor to last year's Moto X4, the as-yet unannounced Moto X5. The X5 was leaked in significant detail in January.

Motorola continues to be a drag on Lenovo, which had initially promised to turn its ailing smartphone division profitable within two quarters of its acquisition. That never happened. Lenovo slashed and burned much of Motorola's global workforce and presence, but the business hasn't managed to make the turnaround it so clearly needs.

Our source states that Motorola will be narrowing its focus back to E, G, and Z phones for the time being. It's possible the Moto X name could return at some point, but that's looking unlikely in light of this news.

Additionally, Motorola will be largely discontinuing its efforts in the realm of more... eccentric Mods for its Z phones, and instead stick to products it believes can actually turn a profit. So, probably no more gamepad mods. But probably more battery packs and style mods!

We reached out to Motorola, who declined to comment on this story.