Motorola has been pushing Moto Mods for its Z-series phones over the last few years, but few of the Mods have been any good. Serial leaker Evan Blass just outed an upcoming Moto Mod that will most likely continue that tradition. The Motorola Virtual Viewer is billed as a Mod, but it'll probably just be another Daydream headset.

There are no details included with the leak—just an image. The product looks like your standard VR headset for a phone. However, the camera peeks out through the Moto Mod hole in the front. Google's Daydream View is solid, so you can't do augmented reality things with it. AR could set Moto's headset apart, but that would require Moto to create content for its phones. I wouldn't hold my breath. This will probably be a Daydream device first and foremost.

Even if Motorola does something with AR, calling this a Mod is a bit of a stretch. The mere fact that something attaches magnetically to the back of the phone should not mean it's a Mod. Motorola also tried to call its flip case a mod, so we've already lost this battle.