We're not sure if this is a bug or a sign of things to come, but if you've purchased a movie on Google Play Movies in HD that has a 4K version available now and you open your purchases in the YouTube app on Android TV, you might spot a 4K sign below it. However, when you start playing it, the highest resolution available is 1080p.

Our tipster spotted this 4K label in his library, and Cody was able to confirm it as well. So far it's unclear whether this is a bug or it's a sign of Google upgrading HD Play Movies purchases to 4K for free when applicable - something that Apple did when it launched 4K content on iTunes, but that Google didn't.

4K content started showing up in Play Movies more than a year ago, but Google has made several missteps with it: 1) the prices were too high and only recently were they adjusted to be more in line with Apple's, 2) it didn't offer free upgrades from HD to 4K, and 3) it's impossible to remove a movie from your library so you can't even pay for a 4K version if you already own the HD one. Maybe this move is made in good faith to solve most of those issues.

We've reached out to Google for clarification and will update this post if we hear back.